Infosys Internship

homebannerInfosys is a global leader in technology and consulting services. We enable clients in more than 50 countries to create and execute strategies for their digital transformation. We help enterprises to renew and improve existing landscapes, on the basis of innovation, so their business might achieve greater efficiencies and remain relevant to the times. This renewal is complemented by simultaneously helping them explore completely new and unprecedented avenues of value creation. Continuous learning is at the heart of this culture, so people might then be equipped with the knowledge and
skills to leverage the opportunities and tackle the challenges that the future will bring. One way in which we facilitate this is by helping businesses appreciate the Design Thinking approach to problem finding and solving. Our effort is to deliver the most extraordinary software projects, on the basis of extreme advances in technology, especially in areas such as Automation and Artificial Intelligence, to equip our clients to take advantage of the best opportunities of our times. Whether it is capturing the know-how of retiring talent into knowledge-based AI systems to facilitate smart maintenance through generations of making, building sensor-enabled connected automobiles that care about driving safety, renewing legacy landscapes with knowledge-based automation or enabling predictive maintenance of mission-critical equipment, we want to be able to create a new future. A future where businesses can channel intelligent, open platforms, software and services to innovate and realize the advantages of digital transformation. We believe our responsibilities also extend beyond the boundaries of business. While Infosys Foundation in India creates opportunities for the underprivileged and strives to build a more equitable society, Infosys Foundation USA focuses on bridging the digital divide in America. It aims to give children, young adults, and workers across the United States the skills they need to become creators and not just consumers, of technology.

Global Internships InStep is Infosys’ internship program for undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students from top academic institutions around the world. Internship program enables interns to work on live technical and business projects in Infosys’ offices worldwide. The projects range from application development to business consulting, in practices that include Corporate Planning, Education & Research, Enterprise Solutions, and Software Engineering & Technology Labs. The internship assignment ranges from 8-24 weeks and runs through the year to suit academic calendars across the globe. Interns are supported by a student mentor to help settle into Infosys’ working environment and a project mentor for guidance through the internship assignment.


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